Kingdom of Zenia: Dragon Wars App Reviews

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Waste of time

Game has become taken over by hackers and abandoned by admin. Find another game...

Dont bother

Not worth it. Full of hackers.

Worst introduction ever

The beginning credits were terrible. I almost left right then. However, I waited to see how the gameplay was, the fist battle was lame and quick. When I got to see the city building I thought it was alright; but I had already convinced myself to delete the app.

Plagued with cheaters

This game is great with the exception of all the cheaters and hackers there are. We have made it aware to the admins of this game but they choose to turn a blind eye to the problem. Id recommend it if admin were on top of things but they are not. Its sad to see a good game being killed by cheaters and admins that dont do what they need to do.


I have been playing this game for several years now and it used to be a fun game but not anymore. DONT WASTE YOUR TIME! The game has been over run with hackers and Admin does nothing about it. Game support does not respond anymore. So if you are a hacker and like to cheat to win then this game is for you. Good game gone Bad.

Game finally breaks!!!!!!

This game is officially broken. No raiding and half of everything is non operational. Youve been warned

Dead Game Now

This was a Great game to play with friends and family. Starting playing since close to the beginning. Cheaters/Hackers took over. Now it seems Zhurosoft developers have abandoned the game. No chat, No Wars, No Attacking, No Leaderboards. Still has single player mode for now. Its a shame.

This game is abandoned.

Half of the functionality of the game (raids and tournaments) shut down without notice and has been like that for the last two weeks. They have obviously stopped caring to keep the game around.

Zenia Dragon Wars

Not sure what happened but no one has been able to raid the last three weeks. Developers cannot be reached for a reason. They do not answer support.

What happened to Monster Kingdom?

What ever happened to monster kingdom that game was a fun game back then but when i felt like i wanted a new game i wanted to go back to it but it was not in the app store.

I cant play!

This app is dont run on my iphone. Cant play!

Zhurosoft is nothing now that FH and HSH are down

Bring back the good games, the community, Im still here and I know many others are, bring back FH and HSH


Get rid of all the hackers then this game will be a really good game

Hackers Own Zenia

Ive played this game for more than 4 years. I used to enjoy it, even spent real money. But the developers have given it over to hackers and are unresponsive. I would not start this game now, and do not recommend it to anyone.

Used to be great, now its ok.

This game used to have a bright future. In fact I enjoyed more than its leading competitors such as clash of clans. Sadly this game never took off as intended, so when the hackers started to come in the developers saw no reason to continue fighting after a little while. However this game still has life in it. I wouldnt recommend spending too much time with it anymore, but its definitely worth a chance.

Cheating getting out of hand

This game is just a cash flow for Zurosoft. They dont monitor or update there games anymore. Hackers have taken over. Developers wont respond to feed back, emails, phone calls or any other form of communication you try to use to contact them. Was a good game till the developers gave up on it and now just collect money on unsuspecting new people who dont realize its a game just over run with hackers now. This company needs to be sued. I spent a lot of money build my army and my alliance to being a top 10 alliance then the game went to crap because of the hacking. Dont waste your time on this game. I want a refund.

Game play

Used to be great and active. Now its cheaters, NO UPDATES, or response to anything except....well....nothing. You spend so many years playing a game and then the developers just let it fall off the face of middle earth.

Bring MK2 Back!

I dont know if anyone else has the same opinion,but MK2 was the best game zhurosoft ever made.Did you terminate it for this one,because this is in the dumps.Please bring MK2 back

money making machine

good way to rip off kids and make them addicted


This game is really fun! If you have limited time on your hands I wouldnt recommend this game because its very addicting and time consuming but if u have a lot of time to waste or want to enjoy yourself this is the game for you!!!

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